Rhubard Gin

After the depressing last episode, we cracked open the Rhubard gin for a more cheerful chat.

Tracey had lunch with Kevin from the Beekeepers Corner podcast. Paul has grumpy bees and Tracey gives him some helpful advice based on her years of experience keeping frisky bees.
Sorry for the slightly wonky audio.

Don’t blame it on the sunshine…

The beekeeping season has well and truly kicked off. Paul has been queen rearing in the rain, Tracey has moved her bees to Poo Farm.

We chart about Snelgove boards, grumpy bees and are joined by Tracey’s dog and cats.

IF you fancy coming on the podcast check out thebeehivejive.com/chat

Soft Rains of April

The new season is here!!

Tracey has been roaming the outback of Australia, probably wrestling crocs but she made it back in time to record the first podcast of the year.

Spring has sprung, and we’ve been in our hives, all alive and well … the stresses of beekeeping has begun.

Paul is worried about swarm control and is planning to try the Snelgrove board method this year. Tracey has had great success in overwintering her colonies in poly hives now has started moving them into wood for the summer honey flows.

She is also looking forward to moving bees back to the sewage works … erm … I mean the water treatment plant.

We’re looking for a guests, so if you’ve ever fancied being on the podcast drop us a line at thebeehivejive@gmail.com and we’ll arrange a date.

Beekeeping Podcast #14: John Visits The Honey Shack

In this episode of the worst introduced podcast in beekeeping, we chat with friend of the show John who has been keeping bees for a few years.

00:00 – 08:00: Paul’s oxalic sublimation method
08:00 – 14:00: The Croydon honey show
14:00 – 27:00: John’s honey year
27:00 – 34:00: John and Pauls beekeeping exam day
34:00 – 40:00: John’s top tip
40:00 – 48:00: Grouchy bees
48:00 – 55:00: How to spot a queen
55:00 – 01:05: Asian hornet update
01:05 – 01:22: Overwintering setups