Video & Audio

Producing beekeeping media takes time and effort is requires to produce good audio or video content. These are some of the content providers we enjoy listening to.


Work with Nature

Work with Nature is a charming channel which covers not only beekeeping but many different aspects of self-sufficiency.

The Beekeeper's Corner

Kevin Inglin’s beekeeping podcast is the one that sets the standard. He also has google hangouts which are worth catching.

Kiwi Mana

The most relaxed beekeeping podcast on the Internet sit back and listen to the chilled Kiwis chatting.


There are many amazing beekeeping blogs on the Internet, these are some of the the ones I regularly read.

Adventures in Beeland

Emily Scott has one of the prettiest beekeeping blogs on the Internet. It’s always has bright colorful pictures recording her adventures keeping bees in Ealing, West London.

Miss Apis Mellifera

Emma Tennant’s blog features her excellent drawings and photography. She regularly posts notes on beekeeping exams which are both very useful and hopefully inspires you to get your finger out and actually start taking them.

Talking With Bees

Talking With Bees is a charming beekeeping blog that many relate to with the most as it reflects how most stumble into beekeeping. The how to guides are very great.

Linda's Bees

When it comes to beekeeping blogs Linda’s bees is one of the most prolific with over 1200 posts. You can follow her beekeeping career from novice to master beekeeper.

Scientific Beekeeping

Beekeeping has more myths and wives-tales than most. Biologist Randy Oliver and his one thousand hives helps separate fact from fiction. His fascinating blog tests many common beekeeping practices to determine how effective they actually are.

Chris Slade's Bee Blog

If you’ve not read it you should.

Honey Bee Suite

Rusty Burlew not only maintains an encyclopedic blog she also writes a beekeeping column in Beecraft. Her technique to move hives a short distance works a treat.

Digital Dodo

We love this site, it’s got handy plans for a great triple hive stands. This blog is packed full of other helpful beekeeping stuff.

As a novice queen rearers we found this site very helpful. It also has great guides for topics like foundationless beekeeeping; check it out.


There is a lot of well funded support for beekeeper providing excellent resources for us, take advantage of them.

British Beekeepers Association

The British Beekeepers Association has been a great help to us, the forum is useful but it’s the events we’ve really taken advantage of recently.


The National Bee Unit is the UK Government funded organisation which supports beekeepers. We would strongly recommend registering your hives on the site and subscribing to the email notifications.  The guides published on the site are free and cover almost any topic you could want to know about.

Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders' Association

The Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders’ Association, or BIBBA for short, is an organisation focused on selecting and breeding bees best suited to British conditions.

Surrey Beekeepers Association

This is our county association, find yours and check out what things they are doing that you can take advantage of. Surrey runs some great events.